The Alaska Syndrom
director   Axel Engstfeld
camera Bernd Mosblech
sound Michael Loeken, Neal Thomas
editor   Jean-Marc Lesguillons
length   97 min
format 16mm
broadcasted 1992, ARD
theatrical release Premier: Hofer Filmtage, arthouse cinemas throughout Germany
March of ‘89 in Alaska: the largest oil disaster in the history of the United States. The Tanker Exxon Valdez runs aground and 40 million liters of crude oil destroy Prince William Sound.
The cause of the disaster, Exxon, begins the clean-up, which is accompanied by a massive PR campaign. With the help of two billion dollars, the company polishes its image and a few beaches. And yet, the ecological balance of this unhappy land remains destroyed for years.
In a full length feature, the film points out who lost and who won in this catastrophe:
--the inhabitants of this unhappy land whose food source has been destroyed for an indefinite period
--Bill Allen who, with his clean-up company, is making good on the disaster.
--The Coastguard, as the Federal Authority responsible for overseeing the clean-up activity, and its involvement with the very industry it’s supposed to control.
“The oil business directs everything that happens in this State.” This based on many years of practical experience from pizza baker and former mayoral candidate Mafia Mike.

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