Bye Bye Starclub
director   Axel Engstfeld
camera Bernd Mosblech
sound Achim Bahr, Michael Loeken, Ben Riesenfeld
editor   Iris Pinkepank
length   45 min
format 16mm
broadcasted 1987 ARD / 200 ARTE / 2001 NDR
The Starclub opened in Hamburg the same year Konrad Adenauer was still the world's oldest serving government leader, as Heinrich Lubke was touring Africa, Lugwig Erhard was proclaiming Germany's "economic wonder", Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel, the United States got involved in Vietnam and Marilyn Monroe committed suicide.

The year was 1962 and in April, the Starclub began writing music history: Little Richard, Jerry lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Chick Berry, Tony Sheridan, The Searchers, the Beatles, Eric burden, Cream and Jimmy Hendrix all performed in Hamburg and the Starclub became famous.

Twenty-five years later, the building was torn down. An entire era lost a historic monument. Axel Engstfeld pokes around in the past and his film is a posthumous eulogy for an era that took the world's breath away.

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