director   Axel Engstfeld
camera Bernd Mosblech
sound Michael Loeken
editor   Jean-Marc Lesguillons
length   45 min
format 16mm
broadcasted 6.12.1984 ARD
A boxing gym in a backyard building in Düsseldorf, somewhere between the railroad tracks and the whorehouse. Chisanda Mutti and Thomas Clahsen are training for a fight. Both are professionals in Germany's most successful boxing stable, run by Wilfried Sauerland. Ten boxers in total, both black and white, with well-known names like Rene Weller and Manfred Jassmann. For the manager, the gym is just a hobby. In his day job, he earns millions exporting industrial equipment to Africa. On the return trip, he imports black boxers. "Blacks box because they're hungry, whites because they are vain," says Wilfried Sauerland.

Sweat and a hectic atmosphere here in the training camp. The torrent of music at the sauna club, the loneliness of a hotel, the nervousness in the dressing room before the fight. The film penetrates this strange world and the boxer's life as a gladiator.

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