The Hunters
director   Marc Wiese
dop Klaus Liebertz
editor   Jean-Marc Lesguillons
length   42 Minuts
format Video
brodcasted 2003, SWR

Investigators Hunt Dangerous Criminals

A convicted felon has escaped from a closed psychiatric ward in North Rhine-Westphalia. The man is considered highly dangerous. Immediately, detectives from task force K-323 are given the job of finding him. The police investigators begin to probe the man's background. Six years ago, the fugitive brutally beat and mutilated his wife and children, who are now in hiding with the witness protection program. The police are concerned the man might find them. The investigators soon discover that the man had similarly abused other women in the past. In other words, he is a repeat offender and could strike again at any time. For the police, time is of the essence.

Task force 323's specialty is finding people - anywhere in the world. Tracking down serial killers, pedophiles and rapists is a daily routine. The files stacked on their desks are generally the cases that other investigators have been unable to solve. Swindlers like Jürgen Schneider, RAF terrorists or Mafia killers - this is the fare of task force detectives. Now, for the first time, a camera team has spent six weeks observing these special investigators as they work on current cases all over the world.

Another new challenge for the investigators: a professor vanished without a trace seven days ago - with ten million euros: money that investors had put into his company. The man's car is found parked on a forestry road in the Oberpfalz region of Germany. The investigators discover exactly 150 hairs and traces of blood in the vehicle. But no other trace of the man. K-323 in Munich is assigned to the task. Little do they know that the search for the missing professor will lead to the Caribbean.

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