Olympia - The Athlet's Dream
director   Axel Engstfeld
camera Wolfgang Thaler
sound Norbert Schröder
editor   Josef van Ooyen
length   90 and 104 minuts
format S16mm
broadcasted 2000, ARD
The film observes the preparations for the Olympic Games of five athletes from five different countries. It begins one year before the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney and ends the day after the Games close.

The film features: the american sprinter stars Maurice Green, Ato Boldon, Inger Miller, cuban heavyweight champion Felix Savon, ethopian long distance queen Gete Wami and german trackcyclist Robert Bartko. The five athletes represent various sport disciplines and also come from different social surroundings. They all have one thing in common, however, and that is the dream of an Olympic victory.

The film explores the lives of these athletes: routines that are driven by years, even decades, of training and geared to culminate in the few seconds of a perfect performance.

The central themes of this film are the methods used for the constant improvement and conditioning of the human body, the reservoir of inner strength and mental toughness, and the human capacity for suffering and performing under pressure.

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