Dictator's Pirates
director   Jürgen Stumpfhaus
camera Hans Rombach, Hans Jakobi
sound Norbert Schröder
editor   Josef van Ooyen
lengtj   2 x 45 min
format Video
broadcasted 1999 ARD, 2000 WDR, RB, Phönix
Their task was to seize and sink ships. Their oponents were the freighters of the Allies loaded with urgently needed supplies. Their speciality was camouflaging themselves as cargo ships.

Dictator's Pirates
is the story of one of the most top-secret operations of the Second World War. Camouflaged as a banana freighter, the heavily armed auxiliary cruiser "Atlantis" raided Allied vessels. The "Atlantis" became the "flying Dutchman" of the oceans; every freighter that encounterd her knew that their fate was to be sunk. Her success rate was to high that the British Naval Secret Service in Bleechy Park assigned an entire department to the "Atlantis". The only task of the famous experts in Bleechy Park was to unmask the dangerous ghost ship. Sensational footage shot by an "Atlantis" crewmember enables us to reconstruct the exiting story of her mission, when she was fianally sunk by an american destroyer after more than 200 days on sea. And the crew started her final voyage: in dinghies towed by submarines across the Atlantic Ocean.

The story is based on archival footage partly unpublished to date, re-enactment and former crew members as eye witnesses.

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