Playboy Germany
director   Axel Engstfeld
camera Bernd Mosblech
sound Michal Loeken
editor   Jean-Marc Lesguillons
length   42:30 min
format Format: 16mm/color
broadcasted   1985 Radio Bremen
The film takes us behind the scenes at the German offices of the famous men's magazine Playboy. Over a period of 14 days, we observe how a new issue of the magazine is made. We can look over the shoulder of photographer John Copeland shooting the Playmate of the Month. We watch as the art director appraises the results and learn how the editors write up the stories.

What kind of person is the German male and what does he like? This is the question the staff members ask themselves every month. They have to decide which girls will get a chance and which won't. The editor-in-chief and the advertising boss don't mince words because every month they need to create the "Playboy Man's World". This documentary also accompanies a head hunter stalking the streets of Munich at night. He is a professional womanizer, promising the moon to young women just to get them into the casting studio.

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