Animal Hospital
directors   Axel Engstfeld / Jan Biekehör
camera Hans Jakobi, Klaus Liebertz, Stefan Köster, Klaus Steinberg
sound Norbert Schröder
editor   Josef van Ooyen
host Andrea Rubio Sanchez
lenth   6 x 45 min
format Video
broadcasted 1999 ZDF
The Fortunes of Animals and Humans

Regardless of whether hamster, cat or mouse - every animal that lives together with human beings at some point requires a veterinarian. And when animals or pets need a doctor, they do not sit alone in the waiting room. The owners are with them; people who frequently have a few sleepless nights behind them.

More than half of all Germans have a pet at home, a respected and loved member of the family, and sometimes even the only companion.

At the animal hospital, the lives of these companions-in-distress come together and many a drama plays out behind the doors of the waiting room and doctor's office, on the surgery table and in recovery room.

True Stories

Animal Hospital accompanies the furry and feathered patients to the clinic or veterinarian. All of the cases are true. The animal patients, their human partners and the doctors are real. Right in the thick of things, the camera captures the drama and many a farce taking place between the veterinarians, animals and owners.

The six-part series, which was shown on German television in May and June of 1999, reveals fascinating human-animal relationships. We can enjoy the happy events, such as the birth of puppies or a calf. We are amazed when a boa constrictor is treated for constipation and we share the terrible sadness when a favorite cat or dog, despite all the doctor's efforts, cannot be saved.

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