When The Waterman Comes...
director   Niko Remus
camera Volker Tittel
sound Josef Pörzchen, Michael Loeken, Gregor Gebert
editor   Brigitte Schröder
length   42min
format 16mm
broadcasted 1993 ARTE, ZDF, 3Sat, ARD
A cinematic search for the man behind inventor Roland Plocher. Solving waste water problems in a very unconventional way is Plocher's metier. Here is a man apparently capable of taking the stench out of manure and waste with next to nothing. Town councilors, farmers and lake owners swear by his methods and their positive effect. Other officials, however, are less enamored and have raised objections because Plocher's methods have yet to be scientifically explained.

The film examines a number of examples and lets the practitioners of Plocher's methods explain in their entertaining way what exactly they are doing. In 1993, this film took second place in the viewer response list at the German ZDF television network. The film was broadcast a total of five times (ARTE, ZDF, 3Sat, ARD/ZDF, ARTE).

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