Waterman, And What Now?
director   Niko Remus
camera Rüdiger Spott / Uwe Schäfer
sound Gèza Demeter
editor   Brigitte Schröder-Zimmermann
length   45 Minuten
format 16mm
broadcasted 1995 ZDF
The sequel to the documentary "When the Water Man comes", which was first broadcast in Germany in 1993 and had the greatest public impact of any single television program of that year. the film was also presented at that year's EcoMedia trade fair.

The film is the story of the mechanic Roland Plocher, who developed a novel and completely unconventional method for saving dying lakes and rivers. He also has a solution for what's considered the biggest problem in agriculture: liquid manure. To the amazement of his customers, Plocher relies on "energized" quartz powder and specially developed pipes. Besides the increasing number of successes announced at home and abroad, there is also a growing number of skeptics. What scientific principle is behind the method is too obscure and Plocher resolutely refuses to divulge his secret or work together with other researchers.

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