Sex oder Sieg
director   Axel Engstfeld
dop Hans Jakobi
editor   Josef van Ooyen
length   45:00 Minuts
format Digi Beta
The Truth About Sports and Sex

Top athletes are often modern-day sex symbols. Photos in the buff for lifestyle magazines are nothing unusual. Is this just another clever idea cooked up by photographers, or, who has  discovered the attractive link between sex and athletes?

Do sex and sports even mix? Professional sports demand performance. And a lot of doctors, coaches and managers argue that athletes are better off if they do not indulge in sexual activity before the big game or major event. This is an ancient tradition that goes all the way back to the Greek Olympics of antiquity. The loss of bodily fluids during sex 2,000 years ago was viewed as detrimental to one's performance. Was that why German soccer coach Rudi Völler did not allow the wives of German national team players into their training camp until the final game against Japan?

In the episode, Sex or Victory, the popular German television show "Abenteuer Wissen" explores the different aspects and connections between sex and physical exertion.

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